last update: 23-Apr-2024
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One great way to advertise your newly established business, or already running business is by submitting your company information and plans to our web hosting directory. Containing a listings of hosting companies that are classified by the type of offered hosting, our directory is a great resource because of receiving a high quality traffic from people looking to purchase web hosting.

Submitting of your company is free of charge and you have the opportunity of free advertisement by publishing in your "personal host page" in our directory the information about your Company ("About us"); your "hosting Plans" by features; your own, or other advertising article in "Latest News"; or by the "customer reviews" available there. By submitting, a screenshot of your Home Page website is displayed in our home page ("Recently Added Hosts") for certain period of time, depending on the time of submitting of the next few companies.

If you like to boost your business in a shorter time we offer also a different possibilities for paid advertising campaign. You may purchase a "banner space", "text ads", or "link unit" in our website at the price as noted in the "Advertising" section in your "Account" page. We offer also position in "top 3" by category, limiting the number of competing showcases up to 3 per category, what give you more chances in your advertisement campaign. For our "VIP"-clients we offer also position of their company in "Top 5".

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